DeAndre Mitchell is a Brooklyn-born photographer who captures NYC's essence. Growing up in New York also allowed him to develop a hyperactive approach to taking photographs and fine-tuned attention to detail. As a biologist and photographer, the only thing that intertwines his two passions is this fascination with light. In addition to photographs, DeAndre started incorporating mixed media such as set builds, immersive experiences, and unconventional printing techniques into his workflow. While embarking on his professional photography journey, his work started leaning towards an ambiguous/dreamy style. “Rather than just taking traditionally composed photos, I took pictures of regular, mundane things in a way that you wouldn’t normally see them — or maybe you would, but only for a split second, or maybe it played back in my head as a distorted memory or dream. Putting a different spin and context on the word `regular´."

DeAndre asks you to step outside and study the flowers in different spaces. Consider why they're there and how they're being used. Flowers are everwhere, but context matters. The show aims to evoke memories and emotions while challenging preconceptions of what flowers should look like and how they should be used. Using traditional and unconventional techniques, the goal is to make viewers think about their personal relationship with something so ordinary. "Growing up, my Mother always kept flowers in the house; but not fresh flowers. Usually, the flowers were either fake, dead, or dried. Looking at dead flowers all the time subconsciously had me looking at them in a different light." - Mitchell

The exhibit explores how flowers are viewed and used across different cultures, and their varied contexts and connotations. Even something as common as flowers can take on new meanings and contexts. The show aims to portray flowers in ways that will evoke feelings and memories through the photographs.