Kaja Bar Art

13th  to 28th of January.

Kaja Bar Art : Art from Unexpected Hands," an exhibition that challenges the conventional notions of artistry, celebrating the democratization of art and aiming at proving that creativity knows no boundaries or limitations.

Dismantling the traditional hierarchy in the art world, emphasizing that artistic talent resides within each individual, waiting to be discovered, this groundbreaking showcase brings together over 100 anonymous artists whose artwork, unbeknownst to them, was created on humble beer coasters and is now proudly displayed in a recognized art gallery.

These seemingly mundane objects, typically used to protect surfaces from condensation, now serve as platforms for self-expression.  As the artists remain unaware of their participation, the exhibition not only showcases their creative talents but also offers a transformative experience.

When these anonymous artists encounter their artwork displayed prominently in an art gallery, they will witness the power of their creativity and recognize their innate artistic abilities. This revelation aims to inspire a sense of empowerment and encourage a broader perspective on the potential for artistic expression in everyday life.

To engage visitors further, interactive elements are incorporated throughout the exhibition. Guests can contribute their own creations on beer coasters provided, inviting them to participate in the ongoing narrative of artistic expression.

The artworks are not for sale, they will be returned to the pub they came from, and become beer coasters again, where might be salvaged by their creators, or just stealed by patrons.

The exhibition is staged and designed by Italian artist Caterina Arciprete.

Join us in celebrating the power of creativity and the capacity for art to emerge from unexpected sources.

And we managed to write all this without using the word "alcohol" even once !