OCTOBER 2021 : Patrizia Linari Breitenstien is living in Switzerland where she works at International Committee of the Red Cross.  She has studied chinese calligraphy for over 20 years with Master calligrapher Wang Fei, himself student of JIANG Weisong and XU Yongnian.
Patrizia has also followed chinese traditional paintings courses at the Yantai University and calligraphy courses at Lanting Calligraphy Art Academy in Shaoxing. She is a seal carver too, using the traditional seal script, but her favorite style with the brushes is the cursive script.The artworks she will presents in Stockholm are mainly inspired by poems of the Tang dynasty.
The exhibit is a collaboration between the artist and the Ikebana International Stockholm association which will showcase their Ikebana artworks to accompany the classic chinese poems.