YLVA TRÖJBOM January 2022

Ylva is a Swedish aspiring painter born in 1999. She has always used different visual mediums as a way to express herself but fell in love with painting during her year at Konstskolan Basis, a preparatory art school in Stockholm, Södermalm. The following year she studied graphic design and illustration at Nyckelviksskolan, an established art school located in the heart of Lidingö Stockholm, but even in the more design heavy projects she always came back to painting as a technique. An example of this is the suite Beneath the surface, twelve digital paintings all part of a visual story and created at Nyckelviksskolan during autumn 2020 in the midst of the second wave of the pandemic. A visual representation of floating through life and searching for a more tangible reality, one that does not seem to exist in the physical world. This search for a different version of the world as well as herself is a common theme in all the paintings in the exhibition. If that version can be found on the other side of a door or a leaf tunnel is a question yet to be answered, but Ylva is only in the beginning of her journey as a painter and is looking forward to seeing were the road takes her next, be it new projects or higher artistic education